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Neverworld Festival Preview – Satisfy Your Inner Child


This is a call for all festival finders and dancing demons to join Underground for a journey to Kent’s answer to never growing up… welcome to Neverworld a four-day festival in August a place where you can satisfy your inner child while inside your adult body. I.e. chuck on your most outrageous and flamboyant fancy dress and enter Inverworld’s immersive kingdoms full of music and beverages to make you feel funky.

Like many humble festivals, Neverworld started out as a party in a field for a few friends, after organiser Lee Denney’s parents explicitly told him not to have a house party and is now home to the 5,000. Heralded by Annie Mac as a “mini Glasto”, Neverworld has already gained a reputation as a weekend filled to the brim with fun. And while you may have not yet heard of this one, the festival slots nicely amongst a list of independent festivals seriously rivalling the “big name” players. To put it simply Neverworld is a free-spirited escape where you can disobey whatever your parents told you and get up to some serious mischief.

Made up of three magical realms, party people are implored to dance until their feet can dance no more! And with 11 stages open 24hrs, we can almost guarantee that this won’t be a difficult task. Looking to encircle you with wonder, Neverworld hopes to transport you to a place where time stands still, and the real world seems a faraway land repressed to the darkest parts of you mind… if only of the weekend. With so many stages and spaces to explore, you can forget the idea of being Velcroed to your fellow mischief maker while watching at overcrowded stages or while queuing for the toilet and get ready to have enough space to boogie in the sun.


Speaking of getting your groove on, this year’s line-up seems to have been extracted from an indie-music listener’s wet-dream. Full of bands who are breaking through to the big time as it were, Neverworld is a festival that champions the up and coming like a fantasy springboard for musicians and an opportunity for attendees to revel in the hottest acts. This summer will see bands such as Indoor Pets, Lucy Spraggon, Egyptian Blue and many more spread their magic across the stages. It will also be home to Underground’s own soundwave picks Kid Kapichi, Black Honey, Dream Wife and Lucia as they cause some chaos for wonky weekenders. And if that wasn’t enough, Neverworld also have some classic ground covered, not to be confused with classical, with musical pioneers such as The Vaccines, Mystery Jets, Grandmaster Flash, David Rodigan, Craig Charles and even Craig David and Professor Green ensuring that pretty much every musical genre is represented.

With such an extensive list of performers any listener can pleasure their ear holes from Thursday through to Sunday. Another plus that we’ve heard through the grapevine is that the camping is easy going too. In this case, Neverworld appears to be the perfect place for any festival goer from novice to well-practiced.

Underground are lucky enough to have the opportunity to go this year to give any one who can’t the inside scoop. However, there are still tickets left to reserve your space at a land that isn’t quite to the second star to the right and straight on till morning (that’s a Peter Pan reference in case you didn’t know) but is close enough.

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