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New Singles in 2020: These Up-and-coming Bands Are a Force to Be Reckoned with

new singles in 2020

New Singles in 2020: ‘This is the Summer’ by Dream Nails (Photo Credit: Marieke Macklon)

Despite lockdown cancelling any plans of summer festivals this year, we would like to share with you some of the best new singles in 2020 released by rising bands. They will be gracing the future main stages of Glastonbury and Reading & Leeds Festival. From alternative rock to indie and everything in between, there’s certainly something for everybody.

Check out these new singles in 2020

‘This Is the Summer’ by Dream Nails

Proudly punk and created by self-described feminist activists, Dream Nails’ tracks are fueled by political awareness and pop-punk tendencies. Their track ‘This Is the Summer’, appears at first to be a feelgood hit about having drinks and sunbathing, though it is really a response to the dire straits our climate is in. Fighting against colonial capitalism and for migrant rights, it’s a reminder to look at the bigger picture. Featuring beating drums and catchy riffs, the conscientious group never fail to make a statement.

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‘Didn’t Mean It’ by Kyris

Kyris are bursting with energy and have a real talent for mixing raw lyrics with thumping drums and an expert on blending vocals. Their latest track ‘Didn’t Mean It’ is no different. The changing tempos and leading drumbeats consistently keep you hooked throughout. The song discusses the fallout of a relationship, minus the usual clichés. Influenced by bands such as Catfish and the Bottlemen and Foo Fighters, any rock or indie listener is sure to find a place for Kyris in their playlist.

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‘Cafe Disco’ by The Harriets

Leeds-based four-piece The Harriets are fusing retro sensibilities with modern twists. Earlier this year they released the single ‘Cafe Disco’, which is also the lead track of their debut album Hopefuls (2020). The title itself is a direct reference to the US version of the cult-favourite show, The Office; and the song features nods to the past greats, such as the track ‘Summer of ‘69’ and The Cure. Shortlisted for Glastonbury Emerging Talent, they’re showing no sign of slowing down and it’s definitely one of our favourite new singles in 2020.

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‘What Did You Expect’ by Kosmonauts

Forming in 2016, indie-rock outfit Kosmonauts have made a place for themselves deep in the heart of the Manchester music scene. ‘What Did You Expect’ is a defiant track, aimed at the naysayers and negative powers in both the industry and life in general. With a dramatic climax (courtesy of frantic vocals and guitar), it captures the attitude of a heavy punk track while maintaining an indie-rock core.

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‘Till the Night’ by The Recreation

Despite still being in the early stages of their career, The Recreation have already been nicknamed ‘The baby Strokes’ by BBC Introducing Manchester. Moody rock track ‘Till the Night’ has frontman Owen Baldwin’s vocals comparable to indie-rock legends Miles Kane and Alex Turner. Released on their EP For Tessa, With Affection, April ‘76, it was written, recorded and produced during lockdown. Inspired by Leonard Cohen poetry book and Pink Floyd, it’s a concept EP through the perspective of Tessa and Larry, two characters whom the band uses as means to discuss consumerism and conflict, which should culminate into love and compassion. Combining unexpected hooks with highly perceptive lyrics, this is one of the most beautiful new singles in 2020.

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‘Cool Off’ by The New Coast

Boasting a sound of indie-pop perfection meets 80’s synth, The New Coast’s latest track ‘Cool Off’ sees the band mixes heartfelt songwriting with dazzling melodies. It discusses the idea of a ‘throwaway culture’ and modern-day disconnection. The shimmering instrumentals throughout mixed with the catchy beat make it very easy on the ears. Fans of The 1975 and Tempesst will surely enjoy them too.

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‘Sleep’ by Bleach Lab

Fusing indie with dream-pop, Bleach Lab introduce you to their world with the enchantingly personal track ‘Sleep’. Based in South London, the four-piece is inspired by the likes of Mazzy Star and The Smiths. The song paints a picture of how relationships can turn into nightmare, reminding you that no matter how you try, it’s better to accept defeat for the better.

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‘We Are the Lotts’ by The Lotts

Based in Warrington, garage-punk group The Lotts are introducing themselves with their debut EP, We Are the Lotts. Instantly taking you by the throat with crashing drums and thrashing guitars, they’re set on reviving punk. Formed in 2018, they might have been influenced by The Stooges and The New York Dolls, still, they’re modelling themselves after their imagination. As their guitarist Adam Bridge says, “We just want people to get weird.”

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‘Gaslight’ by Bitch Falcon

The diversely influenced trio is great at combining glittery grunge with grating rock to immediately hook the listener in. Formed in Dublin in 2014 by their frontwoman Lizzie Fitzpatrick, Bitch Falcon have managed to sell out their gigs before even releasing any music. Furthermore, they have played with the likes of My Bloody Valentine, The Pixies and Bjork. They consistently manage to balance the line between bolstering the vocals with expertly-crafted instrumentals, without silencing Fitzpatrick’s voice. Their latest track ‘Gaslight’ came together quickly and marked a change in their writing – one of the new singles in 2020 that you can’t miss.

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‘Summer Sun’ by Common Saints

A project led by a London-based producer and multi-instrumentalist under the name Common Saints, their latest track ‘Summer Sun’ is a psychedelic-soul dream. Clean guitar riffs are euphorically mixed with ethereal vocal harmonies and well-placed saxophone parts, courtesy of Brandon Wright. An ode to summertime oozing chilled vibes, it’s a track which will remind you of the holiday season.

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