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NOVA TWINS – A catch up with the dynamic duo

Nova Twins - Underground England blog

We came across Nova Twins a couple of years ago when we used Baseline Bitch for a product launch party video. We were also lucky enough to have them perform at one of our Soundwave rooftop events. They are one of the bands at the Great Escape in Brighton this week. They are hard to pin down these days but we got hold of them for a shoot and some questions. Here you go:

Give us your names

Amy Love and Georgia South

Where are you from?

Amy: Essex

Georgia: London

Where are you going?

Amy: On our way to Paris!

Georgia: To Paris to do our first TV gig!

What type of music did you listen too when you were growing up?

Georgia: A range of music from N.E.R.D, Stevie Wonder, Eminem, Donny Hathaway to Destiny’s Child.

Amy: all sorts, It stared with The Spice Girls then old school R&B, then bands and artists like New York Dolls, Mc5, Betty Davis, Kate Bush to James Blake, Hiatus Kaiyote etc.. its all random and that’s how I like it!

Nova Twins - Underground England blog

Who are you listening too these days?

Amy: There’s new up and coming bands we like and play with like Calva Louise, Dream Wife, Kid Kapichi. Princess Nokia is cool.

Georgia: Yeah we love playing with those bands! We like chilling to The Internet and Etta Bond. Also we recently played alongside ho99o9 who were sick!

What made you want to start creating music?

Georgia: I was born into a musical family and was always playing instruments from a young age, so it was just always something that I loved to do.

Amy: Not sure, It was just something that was naturally in me, My aunt Bev always encouraged me to follow my dreams so that gave me a push in the right direction.

Who musically is your biggest influence?

Amy: Loads of bands and artists had a part to play in who i am to day but I guess Georgia’s crazy bass playing, that’s what I’m inspired by and love writing to!

Georgia: I would have to say the same! Writing a bassline with Amy’s vocal style in mind is always fun. Our styles complement each other so well!

What is your main source of inspiration to write your music?

Georgia: Our moods and what we’ve been feeling or what we’ve been up to definitely dictates the type of song we write! If we’re in an energetic mood we’ll write a faster paced song, if I’m chilled out I’ll write a more slinky baseline.

Amy: Just our connection and vibing off each other really, it starts from the music and playing out until we are happy with it.

Which is your favourite of your songs to play live, and why?

Amy: I love to play Wave as its a different dynamic, I take off my guitar and run around loose. I also enjoy Girls On The Run, which is one of our new songs… Its a hard to choose!

Georgia: I love playing Girls on the Run at the moment, it’s a little different to our other songs! Bassline bitch is always fun to riff out too as well.

What was the first music you bought (vinyl or otherwise)?

Amy: It was probably The Spice Girls on CD ha, I remember having some tapes that we copied old school garage songs on, back in my home town haha!

Georgia: I think my first CD was an old school Mariah Carey CD of her live album! I had it on my little walk man haha.

Nova Twins - Underground England blog

What was the most recent album that you bought (vinyl or otherwise)?

Amy: We got some cool presents for Christmas from G’s dad, he got me some old school Brandy on Vinyl, we have our own little shelf at G’s parents as they have a huge collection that we always put on. I got FKA Twigs on CD and James Blake but am generally buying online although I still need CDs for my car as I don’t have an aux connection.

Georgia: Yeah I got a Missy Elliot vinyl and a Destinys Child vinyl which are sick!

What is your favourite venue that you have played?

Amy: France at Transmusicals festival was amazing, we also love playing in Camden, The Monarch, Barfly (Camden Assembly) etc.

Georgia: Yeah probably Transmusicales Festival, it was insane! I like the sound in The Prince Albert as well, I like how intimate it is in there. We’re playing that venue on 20th May at The Great Escape at 7:30.

Over the years, the U.K has lost hundreds of its grassroots music venues. Have you lost a venue that was special to you?

Amy: Our friends Kid Kapichi recently just lost a wicked venue in Hastings called The Tubman, It was basically their home, they introduced us to it and invited us to play it many times, we love it in there. We understood and felt how special it was to many people around there. Now its going to be turned into a block a flats which is a big shame!

Georgia: Yeah that was terrible. It was such a cool venue, so unique in its own way.

You can pick any band or artist to support you on tour- who is it ?

Amy: Would probably take all our friends bands on tour and have one big party!

Georgia: Yeah we’d love to take Kid Kapichi and Calva Louise as they’re always fun to be around and have sick shows!

Nova Twins - Underground England blog

You can support any band or artist on tour -who is that?

Georgia: We did a TV show with ho99o9 and they were mental live, so it would be fun to tour with them, or Deap Valley as they have some sick riffs too.

Any new band or artist you want to tell us about?

Amy: A few bands who are about to release or that we have played with, Calva Louise, Kid Kapichi, Ho9909 and Dream Wife

Georgia: Yeah all the bands that Amy said there’s some exciting things coming from them soon. Also Etta Bond and Girli are cool.

Tell us some more about your involvement at The Great Escape?

Amy: We will be playing the Prince Albert which is an intimate buzzy venue, we have played it before and loved it, so we’re looking forward to going back.

Nova Twins - Underground England blog

Anyone you can recommend at The Great Escape?

Georgia: Dream Wife, Girli, Slaves
Amy: Girli, Slaves

You have a busy busy schedule this summer- how did that all come about?

Amy: We did an amazing festival called Transmusicals, where we were actually discovered by Jean Louis at last years Great Escape then everything kicked off from there!

UNDERGROUND inspires and is inspired by British Subculture, both past and present. Which Subculture or British artist has had the most influence on you?

Georgia: I guess the DIY aspects of punk and grime are inspiring. Our ethos and self manage/ being self sufficient approach is quite similar to these sub cultures.

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