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Dublin post-punk band Odd Morris on being honest and their latest single ‘Cold Water’

Odd Morris 2 (Jack Martin)

Odd Morris (Photo Credit: Jack Martin)

Renowned for its ferocious, outspoken and ever-expanding post-punk scene, Dublin has been merrily preoccupied with the desire to ignite the post-punk revival scenes. Sharing the same rehearsal space with their city peers/post-punk sensations Fontaines D.C. and The Murder Capital, Dublin post-punk quartet Odd Morris have slowly but surely caught the ears of many. Featuring an adventurous blend of raw vocal delivery and brooding atmospheric feel, Odd Morris tap into something different from the other rising bands at the moment. They are determined to set the room ablaze with their raging post-punk sound.

Consisting of vocalist/guitarist Daragh Griffin, guitarist Kris Hassett, bassist Ciarán McCarthy and drummer Sam Martin, Odd Morris’ stark post-punk style is certainly addictive. Their latest single ‘Cold Water’ is a constant state of build-up; its chaos and rough edges leave the listeners wanting more. Today, we interviewed frontman Daragh Griffin on how Odd Morris came about, the inspiration behind ‘Cold Water’ and their take on expressing emotions though music.

Odd Morris 1 (Jack Martin)
Photo Credit: Jack Martin

An interview with Daragh Griffin from Odd Morris

Where did the name Odd Morris come from?

The author of our secondary school maths book was O.D Morris.We were in the same year in secondary school, hence the name, but we formed the band years later.

Can you unpack Odd Morris’ soundscape for your new listeners?

You would wait in the car to finish the song if it came on the radio as soon as you pulled into your gaff.

What sort of emotions do you guys feel like expressing through music?

Any form of expression that’s honest has the potential to cover a variety of emotions. Great experiences with art are when you can’t quite put your finger on how you’re feeling. It’s like a collection of emotions. That’s when you forget about your surroundings, the ‘in the moment’ feeling. So, our aim is to be honest and just don’t think too much about it.

Odd Morris 3 (Patrick Gunning)
Photo Credit: Patrick Gunning

What is the backstory with your latest single ‘Cold Water’?

It’s a song about letting your guard down and reaches fruition – with an extract of a poem that I had written about someone.

Are there certain cultures and musical influences that you feel seep into your music?

Definitely, but that’s not for us to define. We live in a multicultural world and we’re open-minded individuals. We write and play music like three times a week. I think everything we experience on a daily basis will seep into our music, and that’s so refreshing to think about. There’s definitely aspects of Dublin and Irish culture within our music, but I wouldn’t say it’s confined to our doorstep.

What sort of direction will the band be taking looking ahead?

Progression as musicians. Improving on your craft is all anyone can do.

What’s the ideal situation in life that you’d like to find yourself in?

Spotting a 100 quid note on the ground.

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