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Underground and Subvertiser Announce ‘Panicky in the UK’ Collaboration

Panicky in the UK

Underground X Subvertiser – Panicky in the UK

“Panic in the Streets of London, Panic in the streets of Birmingham. I wonder to myself Could life ever be sane again?”

Underground England announce the first in a series of urban artist collaborations, kicking off with the king of subversion – Dr.d aka Subvertiser – named PANICKY IN THE UK. This communion of like-minded souls is the first exhibition in Underground England’s online art gallery, which complements our established and rapidly growing online subculture and art book offering. Dr.d catches the ‘spirit’ of the times with this riff on a punk classic and it’s in our subcultural DNA to showcase the art and creativity in the scene.

Panicky in the UK

A legend of street-art subversion, Dr.d aka Subvertiser is known for his quick-witted, clever and morally-laden artworks that sneaked into the public realm and unexpected spaces; all amusing, confusing and making passers-by double take on what they are witnessing. His work has been developed through subverting and creating new outlets through billboards, the street, paste ups, numerous festivals (including Shangri la Glastonbury) and art installations and not necessarily via a gallery. Subvertiser’s toolbox aims with all the other examples of cultural strength, to put a spanner in the works – a world against the grain.

Dr.d says, “Not being a naturally gifted artist you have to work with what you’ve got, it’s an aesthetic of the punk movement that I think reoccurred with my generations illegal warehouse party scene of the late 80’s. One of my old fly posting crew came out with the phrase and I was immediately thinking Jamie Reid, of course. Early on in 2020 it seemed like a rumour that something bad was on its way, but we had no idea how bad it would get and how incompetent our government would reveal itself to be. It was certainly Panicky in the supermarkets too as the shelves got cleared for no good reason other than ME FIRST!”.

The new range includes T-shirts, limited edition prints, enamel badges and the subverted Union Jack which, true to form, uses a flag made by the Queen’s flag maker, all in Underground England and Subvertiser’s punk style.

Check out our Panicky in the UK collection here

Read our full interview with Dr. d aka Subvertiser

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