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If you look closely enough, you will find nods to British sound and culture in all of our clothing and footwear, which is why it is so valuable and necessary for us to build a subculture and music writing library into our offering. Our quest is to broaden our taste for tomes and tunes, while at the same time discovering something new or unknown. This curated collection of culture is not defined by genre or generation- our only request is a punk attitude. We want tales of renegades and rebellion, journeys paved with irreverence and style. We want weighty coffee table books depicting teenage teddy girls, Tibetan metal heads or Japanese rockabillies.

Underground has curated a selection of books that represent aspects of British subculture and music. From the works of great photographers such as Kevin Cummins, Martin Parr and Dennis Morris, the history of grime, the writings of Simon Reynolds and Jon Savage, the biographies of Bowie, Sex Pistols, Oasis and Ian Curtis or the compendium of the face magazine or the punk zine Ripped and Torn.

Beyond the average book section – we make moves to contact and work with the authors- get our copies signed and throw them launches. Even just to meet our heroes.

The book selection is limited to our Online Store and our global pop-up stores.