Halfmoon: Skirts. These authentic skirts are all manufactured in Britain and are carefully and skilfully hand pleated using Authentic British woven Tartan. We choose to work and support skilled craftswomen and craftsmen using the best materials, traditions and work practices to ensure that we offer a product that is authentic to its core.

For Underground, The Authentic Tartan is one of those materials that is always likely to appear in our collections. The authenticity of the design and the constant struggle for its ownership keeps it close to us. Our Tartan fabric is authentically woven in the United Kingdom. Each Tartan design is an authentic pattern from a Scottish clan including Lindsay, Mc Queen and Macbeth or a more familiar pattern including Black Watch or Stewart. The Authentic Tartan, the Halfmoon: Skirts and the Creeper are contested amalgams of civility and disobedience. Tradition and Revolution. Order and Chaos. Obedience and Disobedience. Punk vs Royal.