Halfmoon: Trousers. Punk inspired tailoring, expertly made by Punks, for Punks. Because nobody tempers luxury with Subculture like Underground.

Using only Authentic British made fabric, our Halfmoon: Trousers are a triumph in British Tailoring. Constructed with a sharp straight leg cut, these Trousers have been designed with algender in mind. Tartan not surprisingly features in the trouser collection Tartan whether it be breathable Black Watch, Macqueen of Skye and Macleod of Lewis and all propagating Britain’s rebellious style heritage.

A nod to Subcultures of the past, we have included heavy metal fixtures to distinguish it from the average. Metal Zips measure up against the iconic safety pin here, a chunky D-Ring is strapped to the front panel – perfect for any added accoutrements. Buttons embossed with the Halfmoon seal of approval- so you know it’s good. Unadulterated sartorial Subculture.

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