Underground, creator of the Allgender Creeper and other subculture styles joins up with London based artist and designer Olli Hull to present this special collaboration.

The classic Wulfrun Creeper and the 14 Eyelet Steel Cap Ranger Boot are given a contemporary interpretation through the application of Olli’s signature artwork and as Olli explains:

“Whilst designing the artwork for these shoes I thought a lot about my own experiences growing up, and how as a Queer person, I have always felt somewhat ‘Underground’ or outside of the ‘norm’. As I reflected on the LGBTQ+ community in London I began to notice traces of subcultures and Underground movements that have been before us, who all wanted to disrupt the status quo and reimagine a new way of life.

I wanted these shoes to celebrate The Underground as I know it, which is the rumbling belly below the spectacle of the mainstream that hungers for self-expression, champions authenticity and encourages positive change. It’s the Trans pride marches, The Extinction rebellion protests, Secret warehouse raves and ‘Dalston Superstore’ on a Saturday night. It’s that place where for a moment everyone is free. “

Each pair is custom made using Vegan Friendly materials with the artwork applied at Olli’s studio in London.