Halfmoon: Hoodies. The collection (drawing its name from the stylised Union Jack Underground logo) has music and subculture woven into the very fabric. Referencing the totems of British subculture together with the lyrics from the original and contemporary musical artists, often in a cryptic way, the hoodies each tell their own story.

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The hoody, a staple of underground streetwear and a canvas on which to paint our story and inspiration. Each hoody is embellished with embroidery at London’s leading embroidery studio, together with screen printed panels or woven patches. The base hoody is customised with embellishments including authentic tartan patches produced from Tartan that is woven here in a family owned mill in the UK and high quality woven patches that are produced to exacting high quality standard in a mill in the North of England. Many of the designs incorporate prints that are wither screen-printed directly to the garment or onto individually sized patches that are, in turn, applied to the garment. All our screen printing is hand printed and carried out in London at a family owned studio, avoiding over production and keeping things sensible and sustainable.

Step by step we are always trying to improve our environmental footprint. We do that by producing locally with manufacturers that have high employment and environmental standards and can produce sensible quantities avoiding waste of stock and materials. We carefully monitor all stage of production and balance demand and supply to a fine degree. Minimal waste, no overstocking and quick to market.

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