Halfmoon: T-Shirts. A staple in Subculture. Wear them as declarations of good taste and great style. A fashion archetype that defies global trends and vogue norms.

Click here to read more…Meet mutual outsiders and share words with strangers when you least expect. Revere them as sacred ephemera and look back with fondness on the rebel you’ve always been. T-shirts, when chosen well, carry a lot of meaning. Our original T-Shirt collection is ever-expanding, ever-inspired and ever-authentic. We sought out the most breathable, indulgent and long-wearing cotton in a quest to perfect the everyday Tee. Only the blackest blacks and whitest whites have been employed in the sourcing of our Halfmoon T-Shirts.

The T-Shirt collection includes some of our classic styles, amongst them, ALL THE CLUBS HAVE BEEN CLOSED DOWN, a rallying call to support the clubs and independent venues that are the life blood of the music industry. For emerging bands, POST PUNK, a black and white homage to the enduring music that first emerged in the aftermath of punk. HIT THE NORTH, a tribute to the creative powerhouse that is the North of England, one of the main subculture generators for the UK. Music, fashion, art, film. From the Mersey Beat, to Madchester, Northern Soul in Wigan, Kes in Yorkshire, and the Baltic in Newcastle. And of course, epitomised in the track from The Fall. New additions are added along the way including I’M A MESS, a tribute to the button badge worn by Sid Vicious. Slogans, totems, and symbols of our past, Subcultures and Music have been authentically silkscreened by hand in London.