Sample Sale – Accessories. Our sample programme here at Underground is sensible and measured to the size of our collection and respectful of the enduring appeal of our Originals collection that continues to remain as popular as ever. Our Originals collection is one of the most sustainable collections that you will find, and we are proud that we do not have to direct resource with continual and sometimes unnecessary seasonal collections and updates.

Our sample development is usually centred on collaboration collections that, by their very nature, require limited numbers of designs or on new materials and colour ways. As we have limited number of samples, historically we staged a sample sale every few years at our studio or location in our neighbourhood. Respectful of the fact that many of our customers were unable to get to the sample sale from around the UK or from around the world we digitised our sample sale so that it was open to all. It is time again to open the sample room door and again we are offering the samples online so that all our customers can take up the opportunity. To make the sample sale more interesting and increase the selection we also include some end of line pieces. There are never too many as we are careful with our production numbers so that we do not over produce, and we keep our environmental footprint as small as possible.

Items on this page are full quality products, however we cannot accept exchange and are non-refundable.