Heavyweight sweatshirt with 18 woven patches in a combination of colour. Post Punk. Even before the press had time to try and bury Punk, Post Punk was ready to light its torch from the same flame as Punk. Inspired by Punk it was not a replacement for it just an adapatation that had learnt from it. Post Punk starts in the late 1970’s and continues now.It flourishes, it inspires, it develops and it re-adjusts. We are all POST PUNK. These T shirts are adorned with patches woven for us in Britain.

 This is the Soundwave Sweatshirt. This soft touch 100% cotton sweatshirt is adorned with 18 patches, each one with a narrative or reference to British Music. The patches are hand woven in Britain, individually providing a thread from the story of British Music but together they create a soundwave.
This is not a massed produced garment and there might be some slight differences in the patch design and layout. This only adds to the individuality and unique feel of the garment.

100% Organic Cotton

*Please be aware that all measurements will be around (+/- 0.5cm) difference due to vary measurement tool

Size S –
Chest: 50 cm ; Waist: 47 cm; Bottom: 50 cm; Length: 64 cm

Size M –
Chest: 52 cm; Waist: 50 cm; Bottom: 52 cm; Length: 68 cm

Size L –
Chest: 54 cm; Waist: 53 cm; Bottom: 54 cm; Length: 69 cm

Size XL –
Chest: 58 cm; Waist: 56 cm; Bottom: 58 cm; Length: 70 cm

Size XXL –
Chest: 60 cm; Waist: 59 cm; Bottom: 60 cm; Length: 72 cm


Refund Policy: 14 Days

Refund Policy: 14 Days

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