Any autobiography that begins with ‘Anyone who writes an autobiography is either a twat or broke. I’m a bit of both’ certainly impresses that this is not your typical egocentric, narrow-minded drivel diary. As would the intro that ends with a directory to the parts concerning the three big topics- sex, drugs and punk rock. Or the initiating the book with a chapter on ‘Masturbation’. But why would it be? Viv Albertine is one of the most pioneering, fearless women in the history of music, let alone Punk. The guitarist of one of the most disruptive bands in history, The Slits, Viv is startling and refreshingly aware. This autobiography is everything you would hope for from a woman who changed what it meant to be for a teenage girl from London in the seventies- someone who paved the luxury for girls to pick up a guitar and play. A teenage girl who so boldly and bravely brought femaleness to the violent, virile Punk movement. Viv Albertine is every inch the modern, conscious feminist hero you would hope her to be- and Clothes, Music, Boys is testament to that. Brutally honest and beautifully subversive- it won the Rough Trade and NME Book of the Year in 2014. Hailed as a must read by the likes of Thurston Moore, John Lydon, Caitlin Moran, Jon Savage- you quickly realise within moments of holding this book in your hands that Viv Albertine is certainly not your typical girl.

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