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Dada: The Revolt of Art


“This pocket-sized, profusely illustrated guide Dada: The Revolt of Art by Marc Dachy is the perfect introduction to the movement, which flourished all over Europe and in New York between 1915 and 1925.”


Dada was a protest by a group of European artists against World War I, bourgeois society, and the conservatism of traditional thought. Its followers used absurdities and non sequiturs to create artworks and performances which defied any intellectual analysis.

If you’re interested in photography and art, we also recommend: Derek Jarman: Super 8 by James Mackay and Factory: Andy Warhol by Stephen Shore

Photography and Art. With live shows the beating heart of music, there are endless photo opportunities to catch musicians at work and play. We feature the work of some of the great music photographers including Terry O Neill, Denis Morris, Kevin Cummins, Janette Beckman, Sheila Rock and Bob Gruen.

Our Photography and Art section features books on Dada, Banksy and Martin Parr, each with the “underground” tendencies. Art of Punk by Russ Bestley and Alex Ogg is featured, as well as The Bollocks by Dennis Morris, Morrissey by Kevin Cummins and Young Punks by Sheila Rock. Last but not least, you can find a range of Cafê Royal Books’ limited edition photographic titles here that focus on British documentary photography.


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