Dancing with Myself is a carefully cultivated, curiously cool and cautious chronicle of the life of punk-rock idol, Billy Idol.

After fashioning his name from a school report that claimed ‘William is idle’, the rebellious rocker transformed himself from bored teen to bad-boy Billy, who became integral in the punk-rock revolution of the late seventies and early eighties. Whilst denounced by punk pariah Johnny Rotten, Billy rose to fame through his unique ability to pull punk into the mainstream.

In his early days as a musician, Billy formed proto-punk band Generation X; with his pretty-boy looks and egotism in tow, he was transformed from guileless guitarist to lavish lead singer. With the fire of punk galvanising him, Billy took to launching his own solo career and became one of MTV’s original stars that catapulted him into stardom across the world.

The book, in the true spirit of punk, is self-written. Billy literally did it himself. The rock racounteur portrays a searingly honest account of his life as one of the men at the top of the punk empire. From the highs of awards, to the highs of drugs, to the lows of addiction and fame, Billy’s honest portrayal of his turbulent life makes for a riveting read.

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