Underground Drip Halfmoon & British Sound Hoodie. The Halfmoon – an intepretation of the British flag and here distorted to full effect to produce a meltdown appearance. British Sound printed at the back of the hood. Printed in Britain on a lux soft feel hoodie.

Northern Soul, Progrock, GlamRock, Punk Rock, 2Tone, Post Punk, New Wave, Madchester, Jungle, Indie, Dubstep, New Rave, Garage Rock, New Indie, Grime. Music. British. Underground — That is the British Sound. This is the British Sound Hoodie. Inspired by British music and sub culture the story is in the detail, in the hood lining, the pocket trim, the print or the label. Look for the details and you will hear the soundtrack. The fabric, the patches, are all woven in Britain and the Hoodie completely  manufactured in Britain to provide an authentic product that stays true to its inspiration. This is the “British Sound”

100% Organic Cotton

*Please be aware that all measurements will be around (+/- 0.5cm) difference due to the fabric stretch

Size S –
Chest: 50 cm ; Waist: 47 cm; Bottom: 40 cm; Length: 69 cm

Size M –
Chest: 52 cm; Waist: 50 cm; Bottom: 42 cm; Length: 71 cm

Size L –
Chest: 57 cm; Waist: 56 cm; Bottom: 44 cm; Length: 72 cm

Size XL –
Chest: 62 cm; Waist: 30.5 cm; Bottom: 44 cm; Length: 72 cm

Size XXL –
Chest: 68 cm; Waist: 66 cm; Bottom: 54 cm; Length: 79 cm


Refund Policy: 14 Days

Refund Policy: 14 Days

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