As they say: too many cooks can spoil the broth. So in ‘England’s Dreaming’ there is just one chef who stirs the punk pot and produces a marvellous meal: Jon Savage. Having worked as a music writer for The Face, NME and Melody Maker and having literally been-there at the heart of the counterculture, Jon has an undoubtable claim on the history of punk and music/culture itself. ‘England’s Dreaming’ is a conscientious chronicle of a subculture that was notoriously hard to pin down.

In his book, Jon authoratitively analyses the rise of punk from the musical maverick Malcolm McLaren and his belle Vivienne Westwood, through to the seditious Sid who was seen as the figurative full stop to the Pistols and punk. Jon, however, also maps the subculture’s influence on the latter decades of the 20th century. He does not compartmentalise punk, but rather opens it up for deeper exploration.

The compelling chronicle contains audacious anecdotes, seditious shenanigans, intimate interviews and never seen before photographs. Nothing is left to the imagination in this book; it is simply an exhaustive and enchanting book that gives order to a countercultural world which was full of filth and fury.

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