‘Or Glory: 21st Century Rockers’ by Horst A. Friedrichs

Oasis: What’s the Story? Is a book that provides first-hand insight into the overwhelmingly chaotic, and viscerally exhilarating life of one of the most prolific rock bands in recent history. Iain Robertson – a roadie-cum-security guard-cum-manager extraordinaire – was the adult-minder for the band during their peak years, and had to deal with the pair of narcissistic nightmares from the outset, but when push came to shove – literally – he was relieved of his duties after he restrained the cantankerous lead singer up against a wall. It’s arguably something we’d all have the pleasure in doing.

The hedonistic band completely conquered the ’90s music scene with sell-out tours, awards, and consecutive number one releases. But with great power comes great irresponsibility, and the name that the Gallagher’s garnered for themselves was one of notoriously bad behaviour. The book is the ultimate tour diary of a rock sensation that confronted and spat on the world: from getting high with Paul McCartney to their total takeover of Europe; from hazy alcoholic afternoons to drug-fuelled – and also similarly hazy – nights; from telling the planet they were better than the Beatles to later retracting that statement because they all hated each other; from break-ups to make-ups and back to break-ups, the tempestuous relationship of Oasis is explored from within, from a man who was there right when it happened.

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