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The underground Gripper steel cap boot is a twenty-eyelet boot available in cherry leather. Based on an original British Army last with screwed, cleated rubber outsole and three-row puritan stitch on the toecap.

 Underground Gripper Steel cap 20 eyelet boots
With the growth of heavy industry, thick-soled boots with reinforced toecaps were needed to protect the feet of workers in Britain’s factories and foundries, later becoming the footwear of the British army.

Steel cap boots – with their metal cap exposed or concealed beneath the leather upper – became the footwear of the British working class male. As skinheads emerged as youth movement in the early 1960s, their working-class roots were reflected in their adoption of the steel capped Boot.

By the 80s, skinhead style has become synonymous with football terrace hooliganism and violence. But as the decade approached its anarchic close, steel caps found favour with the punks, whose nihilism was matched by their ferocious creativity.

As grunge emerged in America during the late 80s and 90s, steel-caps returned on the feet of riot girls and then cyberpunks, before being picked up by fashion-forward kids in Tokyo’s Harajuku district.

Durable as ever, the steel capped boot remains the choice for the most uncompromising wearers with a new generation of customers embracing the steel cap for its authentic and distinctive silhouette.

This style is manufactured as a Special Order on our production line which takes approximately 8-12 weeks.

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HEEL- 2.8cm

TOE  – 1.5cm


AT HEEL  35cm  -this is the height of the shoe upper

Underground Steel Cap footwear is produced to a very high standard and offer the wearer comfort and a degree of protection. However our boots are tested in a street environment and have not been subjected to a test to check their compliance to safety standards. We cannot guarantee their performance in a situation that requires the use of footwear compliant with safety regulations.

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Refund Policy: 14 Days

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