Patti Smith: A Biography


“This biography documents the unexpected twists and turns in the legendary Patti Smith’s life.”


Nick Johnstone, respected music journalist and long time fan, unravels the story of the girl from Chicago who mixed poetry, underground theatre, jazz and rock, and who played a key role in shaping the New York punk scene of the mid-Seventies on Patti Smith: A Biography.

From the home town experimental poems through street performance in Paris to high times in New York’s Chelsea Hotel, from the quiet years in suburban Detroit with husband Fred ‘Sonic’ to her ascension to iconic status, the Patti Smith story is full of unexpected twists and turns.

If you’re interested in the punk music scene, we also recommend: Revenge of the She-Punks by Vivien Goldman and Young Punks by Sheila Rock

Here at Underground we have always been forward in the promotion of Women in Music. So, it makes sense that we have made efforts to curate a wider selection of books & prints that focus on Women in Music, whether it’s about the indie scene, the punk scene or the rock scene.

Surely, we have popular titles that you might expect, such as Patti Smith: A Biography or Dayglo: The Poly Styrene Story, but also the work of photographers Sheila Rock and Janette Beckman and the autobiography of the girl of Punk, Jordan. From female-fronted bands to female punk icons, let’s take time to examine and celebrate the success of these female musicians.

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