Punk by Stephen Colegrave & Chris Sullivan


“Punk by Stephen Colegrave & Chris Sullivan gives voice to the punk generation 25 years on, as it remembers the mad, frenzied and often incoherent world of 1975-9.”


The art of Damien Hirst and the music of the Prodigy, the attitude of Liam Gallagher and the hair of Eminem – all owe a great debt to the cultural movement that burrowed through Andy Warhol’s Factory and the early 1970s’ New York underground, emerging triumphant, kicking and screaming at the top of the British popular music charts, some five years later. Affectionately known as ‘punk’, it was the spotty, scruffy, bastard offspring of many a grander musical form, but like many a prodigal, went on to become more successful than its forebears, leaving a legacy that is still recognised today.

With nearly 100 contributors, including specially commissioned interviews with members and managers of the Sex Pistols, the Clash, the Ramones, the Heartbreakers, Siouxsie and the Banshees and many others, everybody has had a chance to speak, and their memories are supported by hundreds of previously unpublished photographs.

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If you’re interested in the punk music scene, we also recommend: The Importants by Kevin Amato and 100 Nights at the Roxy by Andrew Czezowski and Susan Carrington

Punk had burst onto the scene with its aggressive raw energy, confrontational lyrics and rhythm guitars spewing out arrangements that were just unorthodox. It was that moment of revolutionary art, overturning what had gone before.

Our vast selection of Punk books reflects the importance of that subculture from the early 1970’s in New York, through London, The US West Coast, Riot Grrrl through to the current day.  The curated selection includes the photography of Dennis Morris, Kevin Cummins, Sheila Rock and Janette Beckman, biographies of The Undertones, a history of The Roxy club and a good selection of women in Punk including Poly Styrene, Patti Smith, Jordan and Kim Gordon.

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