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Is Punk dead?

The fascination with Punk continues to grow and captivate people. Consequently, it is the subject of in-numerous stories and in-numerous essays, all from differing perspectives. Whether it be a brutally intimate dear-diary confessional or a methodical thesis on the ideologies and behaviour of the time- themes of originality, authenticity, verity and contrasting perspectives often wage amongst them. And that is exactly why a book like ‘Punk is Dead: Modernity Killed Every Night’ is a welcomed overture. Instead of trying to fit the discordant discourse on the movement into one neat package labeled ‘PUNK’ like so many have before, editors Richard Cabut and Andrew Gallix have understood that Punk is a different truth to everybody, and it never has and never will be a singular, agreeable narrative. From being both participants and observers from it’s burgeoning wake, they have seen it ripen and/or rot. So what better way to chronicle the chaos and to ward off nostalgia than to collect and curate an array of aspects in all manner of mediums to project the story. You will find the not-so-scholarly but daring disclosures of individuals who had intimate involvement in the scene; weightier dissertations from punk-cum-philosophers; and articles from 1977 now annotated by the author with the benefit of forty years. All 28 contributions do their part in covering as much of the length and breadth of Punk that the ever-mutating subject will allow. Of course, it helps that the lineup of contributors reads like an all-star cast of Punk authors. Punk is Dead: Modernity Killed Every Night features the brave and honest writings of: Jon Savage (England’s Dreaming), Jonh Ingham (journalist who wrote the very first interview with the Sex Pistols, for Sounds), Tony D (Ripped & Torn, Kill Your Pet Puppy), Dorothy Max Prior (Rema Rema, Psychic TV),  Barney Hoskyns (Rock’s Backpages founder), Paul Gorman (Malcolm McLaren biographer), Penny Rimbaud (Crass), Simon Critchley (On Bowie), Nicholas Rombes (Ramones), Ted Polhemus (Streetstyle), Mark Fisher (Ghosts of my Life), Neal Brown (Tracey Emin), Tom Vague (Vague), , Andy Blade (Eater, The Secret Life of a Punk Rocker), Simon Reynolds (Shock and Awe) and Judy Nylon (Snatch, multi-disciplinary artist).

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