Punk had burst onto the scene in 1976 with its aggressive, raw energy; confrontational lyrics and rhythm guitars spewing out arrangements that were totally unorthodox. It was a moment of revolution, overturning what had gone before. Kicking out the old guard, without a plan as to how the new guard might sound. Though Punk hadnot run its full course: it continued, and continues to this day with its music, spirit and attitude still in practise. The Punk T-shirt says it all.

Hand printed in London

100% Cotton

*Please be aware that all measurements will be around (+/- 0.5cm) difference due to the fabric stretch

Size S –
Chest: 46 cm ; Waist: 45 cm; Bottom: 46 cm; Length: 67 cm

Size M –
Chest: 53 cm; Waist: 50 cm; Bottom: 53 cm; Length: 70 cm

Size L –
Chest: 54 cm; Waist: 53 cm; Bottom: 52 cm; Length: 74 cm

Size XL –
Chest: 58 cm; Waist: 57 cm; Bottom: 58 cm; Length: 77 cm

Size XXL –
Chest: 62 cm; Waist: 61 cm; Bottom: 62 cm; Length: 78 cm


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