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Punks 1980s by Shirley Baker


During the 1980s, Shirley’s doctor husband took up a medical directors post in London. Baker embraced this opportunity and spent time in Camden and London’s west end where she photographed the vibrant second phase of Punk, in both striking colour and black and white. These photographs present London’s street culture during a period of vibrancy between 1986 and 1991.


If you’re interested in Café Royal Books, we also recommend: Ten ’til Late by Mark McNulty and Mods & Rockers Raw Streets 1976-1982 by Janette Beckman

Café Royal Books is a publisher of limited edition photographic titles focusing on British documentary photography. Founded by Craig Anderson the aim is to create a focussed and complete archive of British documentary photography.

The publications affordable, democratic, utilitarian and useful, without fuss or decoration. The images, history and the cultural archive are the focus. Helped by, but not overwhelmed by the design. We like Craigs’ work in bringing this collection together and offer a selection of titles here that are a picture record of British culture.

Punk had burst onto the scene with its aggressive raw energy, confrontational lyrics and rhythm guitars spewing out arrangements that were just unorthodox. It was that moment of revolutionary art, overturning what had gone before.

Our vast selection of Punk books reflects the importance of that subculture from the early 1970’s in New York, through London, The US West Coast, Riot Grrrl through to the current day.  The curated selection includes the photography of Dennis Morris, Kevin Cummins, Sheila Rock and Janette Beckman, biographies of The Undertones, a history of The Roxy club and a good selection of women in Punk including Poly Styrene, Patti Smith, Jordan and Kim Gordon.

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