Any fan of Bolan or Bryan; and devotee of Elton or Eno; admirer of Slade or the Sweet; and any sensible person who adores Bowie, must read this book.

With any book where Simon Reynolds is concerned, you know you are about to embark on an emotive, encyclopaedic and expansive account of any subject he wholeheartedly journeys through. The British author of the famed ‘Rip it Up’ Post Punk story and ‘Energy Flash’, concerning the Dance and Rave scenes- Simon certainly delivers, satiating any desire to be transported back to the time you long for.

After the natural- boring- tendencies of the hippies of the earlier part of the 70’s- Glam was the explosion in experimentation and eccentricities that everyone had been waiting for. Through Top of the Pops- aliens doused in glitter and psychedelic prints were transported to the livings rooms of wide-eyed families across the UK. Soon, legions of teenyboppers- Simon self professedly one of them- wallpapered their bedrooms with the dynamic, androgynous and glamorous heroes of Glam. This book is one of the most complete and considered accounts of what Glam affected upon the music scene, the generations of people watching, and for what binary gender codes really mean. Glam shattered norms and boundaries, and changed the fashion, music, and television industries. As Simon poetically puts: ‘This Glam derived idea of what pop is and should be-alien, sensationalistic, hysterical in both senses, a place where the sublime and ridiculous merge and become indistinguishable- it never left me.’ Relive your starry-eyed youth and daydream about your glam hero, thanks to Shock and Awe.

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