When we researched for our Soundave collection we took a lot of time looking at the concept of the Digital Visualisation of Sound. The concept had been developed by Harold Craft back in the 1960s and the outcome was a graphic that depicted pulsars – the pulsars were plotted out in white china ink on black glass.Of course, that was the clever inspiration for the album cover Unknown Pleasures. We recreated the Harold Craft works on black perspex with white ink for our London store. This black and white print on a cotton T-Shirt is an extract from our research.

Hand printed in London

Artwork by Benjamin Murphy

100% Cotton

*Please be aware that all measurements will be around (+/- 0.5cm) difference due to the fabric stretch

Size S –
Chest: 46 cm ; Waist: 45 cm; Bottom: 46 cm; Length: 67 cm

Size M –
Chest: 53 cm; Waist: 50 cm; Bottom: 53 cm; Length: 70 cm

Size L –
Chest: 54 cm; Waist: 53 cm; Bottom: 52 cm; Length: 74 cm

Size XL –
Chest: 58 cm; Waist: 57 cm; Bottom: 58 cm; Length: 77 cm

Size XXL –
Chest: 62 cm; Waist: 61 cm; Bottom: 62 cm; Length: 78 cm


Refund Policy: 14 Days

Refund Policy: 14 Days

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