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“The most undeniably alive thing we’ve heard” – The Guardian

“Unforgettable” – NME

“One of the most exciting bands on the scene at the moment” – Wonderland

“A band primed to be huge” – Dork

The Ninth Wave have released their debut album “Infancy”, including the singles ‘Human Behaviour’ and latest track ‘Flower Into Wounds’. Listenhere

A brief glimpse into The Ninth Wave’s disruptive, convention-skewering world makes it clear in an instant that this is a band with something to say. Their sharp, self-assured lyrics take a no-holds-barred approach to documenting the state of society, the human condition and their own personal battles, all written from the very relatable perspective of a group of young people existing in a time defined by widespread unrest and division. From explorations of self-torment and paranoia (“This Broken Design”) to not being accepted by society (“Flower Into Wounds”) and the overwhelming fatigue of living in a superficial culture (“Half Pure”), “Infancy” is, at its core, a mirror of the darkest facets of living in modern society.


The Ninth Wave’s uncompromising message is delivered in a gargantuan, electrifying sonic style that can’t fully be likened to anyone who’s come before them. “We never started with a mindset of ‘We want to be like this band,’” says frontman Haydn Park-Patterson. “We’re always trying to do something new.” In a wildly oversaturated market of cut-and-paste indie, The Ninth Wave offer a shock of ’80s-infused power pop, drawing influence from the post-punk greats and a blend of their parents’ record collections, including Stevie Nicks, JJ Cale and AC/DC. The vast array of inspirations they cite culminates in something that is wholly unique, lending itself to no labels or sub genres besides “the sound of The Ninth Wave.”

Part I


1. This Broken Design

2. Used To Be Yours

3. Half Pure

4. All The Things We Do

5. A Wave Goodbye To The People Who Said I’d Win

6. First Encounters


Part II


1. Human Behaviour

2. Imitation

3. Sometimes The Silence Is Sweeter

4. Everything That You Have Left

5. Unspoken

6. Flower Into Wounds

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