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“The Prodigy: The Official Story – Electronic Punks is a must-buy for the millions for Prodigy fans eager to learn about the band’s formative days.”


The Prodigy have sold 25 million records and single-handedly reinvented the crossover between dance and rock music, with legendary songs such as ‘Firestarter’, ‘Omen’ and ‘Breathe’. However, long before they became a stadium-filling rock monster, The Prodigy were prowling the underground of the UK rave scene, first as a blistering demo of tunes by the ‘prodigious’ teenage Liam Howlett, then latterly with their breakthrough masterpiece, Music for the Jilted Generation. Containing hours and hours of exclusive interviews, The Prodigy: The Official Story – Electronic Punks chronicles the band’s early years in minute detail, speaking to each band member and all the key players along the way.

Martin Roach was present throughout the band’s early years and documented their rise to fame from the underground into the bright lights of music superstardom.

Drawing together music genres including house, new beat, breakbeat, acid house and techno, Rave was a movement or even a protest. Growing out of the Manchester acid house scene of the 1980’s (itself an import form Chicago), the scene took root in the 1990s as a defiance of authority. Illegal gatherings in fields, disused airstrips, warehouse and squats put the Ravers at odds with the law.

Clubs including Fabric, Ministry of Sound, Sankey’s, Cream and Heaven owed their birth to Rave and the Hacienda included Rave in its extensive repertoire. Our selection includes 24 Hour Party People by Tony Wilson, Daft Punk: A Trip inside the Pyramid by Dino Santorelli and more.

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