Tissue Magazine No. 4


“Tissue Magazine dives into art and media, life and death.”


MAJOR LEAK T°4: a very personal interview with OLIVIER ZAHM talking about hating the countryside, discovering photography, making moments, making magazines, and making his first book, DIARY—from which we are lucky enough to be the first ones to show some exclusive images.

The 4th issue of Tissue Magazine features contributions from Olivier Zahm, Martin Eder, Ayzit Bostan, Adrian Crispin, Maxime Ballesteros, Hart + Lëshkina, Rotganzen, Nico Krijno + Mignonne Van Eeden, Angga Pratama, Marili Andre, Tim Buening, Britta Thie, Lina Grün, Marianne Maric, Ivgheny Kosthin, and last but not least Sasha Kurmaz of Kiev.

If you’re interested in photography and art, we also recommend: Crowds 1977-1981 by Syd Shelton and Undercliffe Cemetery Bradford by Ian Beesley

Photography and Art. With live shows the beating heart of music, there are endless photo opportunities to catch musicians at work and play. We feature the work of some of the great music photographers including Terry O Neill, Denis Morris, Kevin Cummins, Janette Beckman, Sheila Rock and Bob Gruen.

Our Photography and Art section features books on Dada, Banksy and Martin Parr, each with the “underground” tendencies. Art of Punk by Russ Bestley and Alex Ogg is featured, as well as The Bollocks by Dennis Morris, Morrisey by Kevin Cummins and Young Punks by Sheila Rock. Last but not least, you can find a range of Cafê Royal Books’ limited edition photographic titles here that focus on British documentary photography.


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