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Unapologetic and cheerfully obscene: PUSSYLIQUOR discuss female taboos and their ideal music festival line-up

Pussyliquor (Xandru)

PUSSYLIQUOR (Photo Credit: Xandru Zahra)

Known for crafting politically charged (and amusing) anthems, PUSSYLIQUOR’s music is a heartfelt nod to DIY punk and female empowerment. Their most recent release PUSSYLIQUOR. what of it. is a robust punk rock EP whose swagger and howling speak for itself. The first time you listen to its famed opener ‘Lady Wank’, your face might go red, and you’ll probably burst out laughing. Like the feminist quintet, their music is as fantastically wacky as they’re provocative.

The daring five-piece comprises of vocalist Ari Black, drummer Victoria Lewis Piper, bassist Tallulah Turner-Fray, guitarists Hannah Villanueva and Lucy Priddle. Having met in college while studying the same music performance course – and experienced the difficulty of being a young woman in education and music – they gradually became a support network for each other. Needless to say, PUSSYLIQUOR are now dedicated to reclaiming female agency and ridiculing antiquated behaviour under patriarchal law.

“The story of how we came together speaks a lot for our ethos. We wanted to make music that would make us feel empowered so that we could share that feeling to other people who may need to hear it,” said Ari Black. Recently, we’ve introduced some of our favourite female bands from Brighton and now we’re sitting down with Ari from PUSSYLIQUOR to find out more about the interesting stories of their musical journey.

An interview with PUSSYLIQUOR

We love the band name PUSSYLIQUOR who came up with it?

Thank you! Our drummer Vikki, the master of puns, came up with the name. We assigned each other on an overnight task to come up with the best band names. We came in next day and Vikki pulled out her list, the first one reading Pussyliquor. From then on, our fate was decided. We didn’t need to hear the rest of the list.

Photo Credit: Alessandro Putignano

Has anyone (on the Internet or in real life) ever raised an eyebrow about it?

Funny you should ask. Our van is covered in spray paint with PUSSYLIQUOR written boldly all over it. Multiple times have we received a letter or knock on the door from ole PC PLOD telling us our van is too naughty for the public eye, and that we need to cover it up. The problem was the word pussy.

Your previous releases include MY.BODY.MY.CHOICE, C.U.N.T and PUSSYLIQUOR. what of it, where was your head at while making them?

We wrote these back in college. To us they’re pretty old being amongst the first batch of songs we’ve made. Back then we had more time and were able to see each other more often. Rehearsal time was plentiful! Our heads were in the game and there were no distractions. It was a lot of fun.

Use one sentence to summarise the main theme of your music.

Sonic Facesitting.

Have you embraced the idea of writing politically charged songs?

Music and politics have always gone hand in hand, from Bob Dylan’s protest songs to Beyoncé singing about feminism. If our music can help people express their current issues with society or give them a new perspective, then we are making the right choices!

pussyliquor (MARIEKEMACKLON)
Photo Credit: Marieke Macklon

Moving on with our topic to female taboos, what about it that frustrates you the most? 

All of it really. Expectations of women are archaic and, in many cases, inhumane. We are all just people. None of us are entitled to another’s body. Yes, we all wank, fuck, shit, fart, eat, burp, cry, laugh and all the rest of it. Judgement needs to learn its place. 

What non-musical elements inspire you creatively or give you pleasure?

People, places, food, the weather, art and nature. We get to meet so many people by playing shows. It’s great when we get to travel far, and people have been so friendly to us. We love visiting the communities across the place and how each of them is doing something unique and amazing.

What would be your perfect line-up for an all-female-band music festival?

Stylistically, we’re very inspired by bands like Bikini Kill and Bratmobile, so definitely them! Kate Tempest has amazing clarity in her music. We are huge fans of Skunk Anansie, Nova TwinsThe Menstrual Cramps, Peaches, Girli, Suzi Wu, Sophie and Otoboke Beaver. This list could go on forever. The music festival would have to go on for weeks.  

Last but not least, can we be expecting new materials from PUSSYLIQUOR anytime soon?

Obviously, there has been a slight delay in our plans recently due to the pandemic. But we’re still working hard to make bangers while not being able to continue recording. Once we can be back out in the world however, then it will be only a matter of time.

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