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RACHEL FOXX – East London’s Soul singer

Rachel Foxx artist photo - Underground England blog

Rachel Foxx. A full time soul singer from East London who’s voice is not to be ignored. For the last three years Miss Foxx has been making a lot of noise on Soundcloud – all before even treating fans to her Debut EP ‘Rachel Foxx’. Our Soundwave team catch up with her about ‘Blue Moon’ her 2nd EP and our soundtrack to 2017 (if ‘To you’ is anything to go by).

Blue Moon is available for pre-order and we can’t wait! We’ve heard the first release ‘To you’ and it’s something special. What can we expect from ‘Blue Moon’?

(On ‘To You’) Thank you! I started working on it in January this year and I’m just grateful it’s out. I was waiting for so long for it to be released and now it is I’m so happy! I think a lot of artists feel like that about putting out music.

With Rachel Foxx the EP, I threw it together and hoped for the best. Blue Moon’s actually a lot more organised, we have it up for Pre-order already and I even have dates for this one!

It is (Blue Moon) different to what I’ve worked on before. I love my old work. I wrote ‘Rachel Foxx the EP’ when I was 17/18 and it didn’t come out until 2 years later. It was a really good time in my life and it felt great but I am constantly trying to make better music. Blue Moon is positive… It’s not about heartbreak and tears, it’s all love and happiness and sex.

Rachel Foxx artist photo - Underground England blog

So has a lot of the work for Blue Moon been waiting in the pipeline also?

Actually no! I started writing Blue Moon in January 2016. All of this content is new content. I had loads of old songs that I wanted to use but I took them all out. A short and sweet EP – 4 songs that I hope people will like. I’m already working on my new project but we can talk about that next year. When I finally release an album it’s going to have like 10 songs! I never feel like people really want to listen to too much from a new artist.

Rachel Foxx artist photo - Underground England blog

What musicians are you inspired by?

My main inspirations are Erykah Badu, old Alicia Keys, Jon B, Donell Jones, Jill Scott – Old R&B

Rachel Foxx artist photo - Underground England blog

What do you wish you knew in the beginning of your career that you know now?

This is a really good question actually… As an artist you’re always saying, ‘I’ll wait until the times right. – I know now that the time is never going to be right, you just have to do it. Stop sitting around waiting for this and that and just do it!

Yeah I can understand that. And finally, what do you think people should know about you that they don’t already?

I think in my music people get the impression that I’m quiet and shy… when in reality I’m actually really loud and crazy! I actually don’t think I want people to know that loool* but yeah I can’t help it, my personality just comes through on radio and interviews.

Finally, we asked Rachel what we should be listening to…

When we wake up?

Amel Larrieux – Sweet Misery

In the rain?

Floetry – Ms Stressed

In our headphones?

Mariah Carey – Circles

To feel good?

Migos – Bad & Boujee


Erykah Badu – On & On

Spotify playlists by Rachel Foxx for the pleasure of your ears:

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