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London-based artist Ray Noir discusses Marilyn Manson and his crowd-funded album

Ray Noir

Ray Noir (Photo Credit: Simon Martner)

Influenced by the likes of Marilyn Manson, The Prodigy and Peaches, London-based artist Ray Noir has created his own industrial-electronic-metal musical universe and attracting crowds from across the UK, Europe, Scandinavia and Japan. Recently released his two latest singles ‘Double Trouble’ and ‘All Alone’, Ray Noir has confirmed with us that his highly anticipated crowdfunded album will be due early 2021. 

Owning his gender-fuck attitude to sexuality, Ray Noir is known for his constant “stabbing at the boundaries of acceptability”. From his signature red lip and dark eye to his captivating electro-soundscape, Ray shows us what is lurking in the darkest corner of his minds. Recently we had the pleasure to invite Ray to our studio and be the model for our latest photoshoot. In the meantime, we spoke with him about his childhood influences, his subculture-inspired aesthetic and the visual concepts of his music videos.

Ray Noir
Ray Noir wearing our Live Fast and Die Padlock

An interview with Ray Noir

You describe yourself as “a f**ked up fusion of electronics”, do you come from a dystopian near future?

Yeah, a fucked up because my electronic music is a fucked-up version of everything from The Prodigy to Marilyn Manson to Peaches to Lady Gaga. Aren’t we already living in a dystopian world? 

You are heavily influenced by Marilyn Manson and Depeche Mode, when and how did you first discover them?  

I discovered Manson through some skate friends back in a small city in Norway while I was moving by myself at 15. The first thing I saw was his image and I got totally amazed by it. And my friends always blasting Antichrist Superstar and Mechanical Animals on the stereo. I discovered Depeche Mode a bit later and got drawn to their dark 80’s electronic music. 

Ray Noir
Ray Noir in our Black Leather & Red Leopard Original Wulfrun Creeper

In what ways do you channel that influence into your own music?

I guess I always get inspired by a wide range of artists and music. It can be everything from Lady Gaga to Manson to YUNGBLUD. 

You obviously are into tattoos, body modification and punk fashion. How do you find your aesthetic? 

My image is my shield and my armour in a way, that’s why it’s important to me. I’ve always been drawn to the dark aesthetics. My style is inspired by everything goth, street wear and punk. 

You also make quite visually provocative single covers and music videos, what visuals are you most drawn to? What is the inspiration behind?

Probably my dark and twisted mind. Seeing the world as it is today with everything that is happening, depression and anxiety. I work with some very good people who translate my visions into the visual concepts of my videos. I art direct myself for most shoots with my photographer Simon Martner. 

Ray Noir
Ray Noir in our Black Leather Stormer Steel Cap Boot

Tell us more about your latest single ‘Spiritual Fuck’.

It’s a song about the substances and the dark sides in your head. 

You have a crowdfunded upcoming album due for release early 2021, how does it feel to successfully crowdfund and produce it?

It feels great that I have so many amazing fans and friends who believe in what I do and are supporting it. I couldn’t have done it without my loyal fans!

Can you give us a glimpse of what we can expect from the album?  

Time will show. I’ll keep a few things a secret for a bit longer, but something good is cooking!

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