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The ongoing revival of Vinyl is well documented with the mainstream press almost puzzled as to how in a digital age, consumers, are heading back toward the authentic. It doesn’t really take much to understand that it the digital age the music buying public have been starved of the thrill of picking up a vinyl, knowing that they will own even just a small piece of a movement that they are a part of.

Vinyl Exchange, Manchester
Sister Ray, Soho, London

Thumbing through the selection at the record store, thumbing through some of the best graphic art and design that you will find , finally buying the Vinyl, sliding it out of the cellophane wrapper, spinning it onto the turntable and kicking your feet up to read the album from cover to cover. It’s not nostalgia or retrospection , it’s about keeping it real, being part of what you love .

Digital is good but it doesn’t mean we should dispense with something that is so tangible and real. Millions of us have vinyl collections that are a source of pride and look like a timeline of life- this is my first vinyl, this is the vinyl that I bought from my first wage, this is the vinyl that inspired me to march in protest, this is the vinyl I bought after my first festival ,this is the vinyl I fell in love too, this is vinyl that I am going to give to my kids.

Vinyl-after live music it’s the next best thing

Support your independent record store and we recommend

From the home of our Flagship store on Berwick Street


Reckless Records,

Sister Ray

Sounds of the Universe

From Manchester, the city of our birth we recommend 

Piccadilly Records

Eastern Bloc

Vinyl Exchange

Beatin’ Rhythm

On Key

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