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January can be a bleak month, the pavement and the sky blur into a endless sea of grey. This year, however, it is shaping up to be much more colourful. Russell Young is in town with his unapologetically lurid artwork for a new exhibition Superstar, at London’s Halcyon Gallery.

Superstar is an exploration the dark and glamorous facets of fame and celebrity, centred around images of a young Kate Moss and Marilyn Monroe.

In Young’s overwhelmingly large prints Moss’s legs are longer than ever, she towers over visitors on her vibrant, shimmering canvas. Hand printed, the pieces are sprinkled with diamond dust, a Warholian touch of glamour, which perfectly captures the immortalising power of glossy magazine pages and Hollywood stardom.

Russell Young’s work has long been admired by celebrities, his work features in the collections of the late David Bowie, Barack Obama and Kayne West. Early this month Young received the Spirit of Elysium award from Dame Vivienne Westwood and Andreas Kronthaler in commending the artist’s efforts to influence social change.

Definitely someone to look out for, the exhibition will run from today Thursday 21st January until 14th February 2016

Find more information on the exhibition here


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