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Save Our Night Clubs

Save Our Night Clubs Underground England Blog

The Nightclubs of the UK have been closing an alarming rate over the last ten years

The Clubs are so often cast as the font of all things that are wrong in society and just a source of crime and problem for authority.  A 180 degree change in perspective  is what is required to get behind what is an essential industry to the UK.
Apart from the obvious benefits of direct and indirect employment, often for younger and marginalised groups, the Clubs are an important driver for change and creativity.

The clubs are incubators and labs for musical experimentation, platforms for new talent , forums for new ideas and discussion  and an obvious form of R and R for creatives that are attracted to the big cities and the UK by the prospect of good work and good leisure.

Club goers deprived of the club will join the legions of others that have been shut out of other social gatherings.

The super club and the small club in the forgotten towns- different in scale they maybe, but each and everyone is a place for youth, for creativity, for live music  and for social cohesion

Get behind the campaign and save the clubs.

Go visit 

for more details


Save Our Night Clubs Underground England Blog

Underground presents an ongoing series of reports on venues past and present that have played a part in supporting the underground music scene, with a special emphasis on those venues supporting diversity in music, women in music, independent labels, and the local music scene.

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