SHIPPING TO our friends in THE EU

From the beginning of the 2021, we have been determined to continue supplying our customers in the EU and provide the same level of service as previously but without any price increases. This has been a difficult challenge, but we have largely achieved our objective.

We are shipping to EU on a constant basis. The rule change from January 1st means that we do not charge VAT at the time of sale but, instead, you should pay the VAT locally when you receive the shipment. There is no duty to pay and there are no handling or administration charges to pay. Consequently, the price that you pay will be no different than before January 1st.

The main change is the transit time which we now quote at 10-14 days. That covers the extra time for the border clearance checks.

Here are some reassuring words from some of our customers:

“I received everything according to the two times that I bought your products, the only downside is that it takes at least 16 days, hopefully in the future it can be done faster.”

– Paulo Cesar Pineda Neira (Spain)

“I have received my pair of shoes faster than expected and without any additional charges or complications. Thanks for the excellent service.”

– Laura S. (Germany)

“I have received my order, the creepers are absolutely gorgeous and I wear them all the time!”

– Marion Piludu (France)

“After reading the front-page statement on no additional duties or taxes twice, I was convinced to place an order, which then happily arrived after two weeks indeed without additional charges.”

– Tuomas (Finland)


Please contact us if you would like more information or clarification regarding this matter.

Thanks for your support.