Sofia at The Blue Posts on Berwick Street, Soho, London.

With its rustic Queen Anne frontage, The Blue Posts Pub dates from a 1914 rebuild.

This vintage establishment has got customers from all walks of life, eccentric record producers, teachers who look absolutely knackered from babysitting their students and indie kids with a floppy haircut who just started their screamo hardcore bands.

Featuring a variety of paintings, antiques as well as Victorian decorative plates and deep pile burgundy Axminster carpet, the pub reveals its wicked self with a touch of flair. So, what better place for a photo with local post punk powerhouse Glossii’s frontwoman Sofia Zanghirella.

Sofia wears a full range of products from Underground including the Original Wulfrun Creeper and Original Steel Cap Boots. The look also includes Authentic Tartan skirts, I’m a Mess T-shirt and a selection of accessories including the Rabbit Padlock and oversize safety pins.

Credit: Photoshoot from The Blue Posts Pub in Soho, London.

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