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Blackpool rock band Strange Bones announce new EP Blitz Part 2 due 10 April

Strange Bones

“I hate the phrase ‘guitar music’. It’s not dead, it’s not breathing. It’s music. Everything that once was, will be again, in one shape or form,” said Strange Bones. From the venomously catchy ‘Snakepit’ to the entrancing ‘Here Come the Wolves’, the fearless rock outfit is guaranteed to get your adrenaline flowing and muscles pounding. With a fierce sense of rebellion, Strange Bones blur the line between high-powered punk and heavy electronica.

Recently announced the release of Blitz Part 2, a follow-up to their previous EP, Strange Bones unveiled the music video of their explosive single ‘Underdogs’ which we can’t keep our eyes off. “’Underdogs’ is a paradox, a reaction to the contradictions found within a broken system that’s set up for us to fall on our faces,” explained frontman Bobby Bentham.

Growing up influenced by an array of awe-inspiring punk rock music, Bobby shared with us the conceptualisation of Blitz and the joy of digging deep into sweaty punk rock as a songwriter and a performer.

An interview with Strange Bones

Describe Strange Bones in one sentence.

Everything louder than everything else.

What do Blitz Part 1 and Blitz Part 2 signify to you personally?

My idea behind Blitz was to destroy any preconceptions people might have about what Strange Bones are sonically. I want to constantly evolve with my songwriting and not fall into any significant patterns.

What was a defining moment for the four of you when deciding on forming a punk rock band called Strange Bones?

Probably the first show, it was at a dive bar in Leeds. That was mayhem. A nice tone setter.

What made you discover your love for screamy punk music?

Our parents used to take us to punk shows when we were toddlers, we were exposed to bands like GBH, One Way System and U.K. Subs at a very young age. The house was bedlam.

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Bobby, Jack and Will, what is the best and worst part of working professionally as brothers?

I suppose it’s good that we can fight with each other, both physically and verbally, for all could be forgotten within 15 minutes. It also helps that we can read each other very well on and off stage.

What is the funniest thing that has happened to Strange Bones during band practice or live performance?

A speaker set on fire at our rehearsal last week. Jack said before noticing the blaze, “We’re going to have to stop smoking in here.”

Would you rather have a decent following and get to be full-time musicians now; or die poor and become a legend in the future?

I want to make some money so I can buy a Neve console for my studio, so not the latter.

You guys will soon be performing at The Great Escape 2020. What can we expect and is there anyone on the line-up that you’d also like to see?

You can expect 30 minutes of pure chaos. No prisoners. There are loads of great bands playing such as Sassy 009, John, Girls in Synthesis.

Live dates:

6 May – 100 Club, London
7 May – Gorilla, Manchester
10 May – The Road To The Great Escape, Glasgiw
11 May – The Road To The Great Escape, Dublin

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