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Strawberry Guy crafts beautifully wistful tunes for the lonesome bunch


Bedroom pop sensation Strawberry Guy (Photo credit: Emma Whittle)

Bedroom pop has taken over the internet indie music scene by storm in recent years. It’s now a recognised genre that describes home-recorded music (often pensive) with a pleasing lo-fi texture; or some may say, it’s Mac DeMarco-esque. While the lo-fi sound wasn’t something that DIY artists were aiming for – but mostly a result of subpar recording equipment – it has soon become something that even well-established musicians sought after. Amongst an array of bedroom pop artists, songwriter Strawberry Guy (real name Alex Stephens) has got us hooked almost instantly when he put out his first single ‘Without You’ on Soundcloud in 2018.

Varying from melancholic slow jams to chipper tunes, Strawberry Guy’s songs are always dreamy, groovy and laid-back. ‘Without You’ is a wistful reflection on coming of age, remorse and desire. Despite being lyrically simplistic and straightforward, the song paints a vivid soundscape with Alex’s breathy vocals against a bed of soft synths.

Strawberry Guy 4
Photo credit: Chloe Davies

Born outside Cardiff, Alex moved to Liverpool to pursue his study in music and grow as a writer. With ‘Without You’ getting over two million hits on YouTube, he soon released his second single ‘F Song’. It makes a perfect tune to drift off to while you’re trying to bounce back from your wallowing in self-pity.

When Strawberry Guy released his soothing 6-track EP Taking My Time to Be in 2019, we were thrilled. Taking My Time to Be is an intriguing mix of sorrow and comfort, with ‘Birch Tree’ being one of the catchiest tunes. “I could be my best if I spoke my own head for you. You could see me now if you told yourself how you knew me. Oh, are you not lonely? And oh, as you sit by the birch tree”. A plaintive indie tune that anyone could grow to adore upon first listen.

Listening to Strawberry Guy is like rolling around in a field of flowers – you somehow start weeping as you see the smushed flowers, yet it’s still a haven against an unforgiving world. It’s no doubt that Alex has the wondrous ability to craft a delicate soundscape filled with gorgeous synth loops and a fine bittersweet sentiment, and we’re excited to see where his musical journey will take him.

Strawberry Guy will be playing at Pin Ups in London on 30 January 2020.

Photo credit: Kathryn Davies
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