The Modern Mullet – A New Era

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modern mullet

It has made a comeback. Yes, we’re talking about the mullet. Controversial and divisive; business in the front and party in the back kind of hairstyle. Rocked by 21st century pop stars, the modern mullet has made big wave and signals the beginning of a new era. Known for causing disruption yet revolutionising centuries one… Read more »

Jemima Bradley, AKA Mullet Babyy, discusses the revival of the mullet and her subculture influences

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Mullet Babyy

Pushing the boundaries of fashion and societal norms, the mullet is indisputably known as the most outrageous hairstyle to date. It is unruly, extreme and controversial. Despite/because of the attention-grabbing nature of the hairstyle, the mullet revival seems to be upon us. Creatives are reclaiming the shockingly wild hairstyle to be bold, unafraid and self-expressive…. Read more »