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: London’s punk inspired Crashface performing at the Underground England Never Known Live Music Night

At Underground, we do our part in supporting grassroots, new, and exciting talent within our music projects. NK007 served as our second fully live gig. With a fascination with the underground, and the cultures that are held within it, music has always been a big part of our brand culture. Our live music nights are curated under the banner of NEVER KNOWN. The underground is Never Known. Once the underground has become known, it is no longer underground and something new must take its place. Never Known is Underground’s fascination with the ever-altering underground. As a subculture champion, each line-up is reflective of this, whether musically, or in spirit and inspiration. NK007 was inspired by the modern alternative scene, with each band embodying this in their own way.

The Never Known Live Music Project is curated by Storm ST Claire, with the aim of shedding a spotlight on a diverse array of talent, both within the underground scene and artists who are making waves. Through this space, it is a platform for Underground to present authentic gig nights that play host to the best in underground and exciting British talent. NK007 was held at the Colours Hoxton in Shoreditch.

YNES, the Britpop inspired band, performing at Underground England’s Never Known Live Music Night at Colours, Hoxton

Kicking off the night was YNES, she jumped straight into playing her indie rock and 00s Brit-pop inspired music. The band which initially started as a solo project, are heavily inspired by the DIY and early 2000s alternative scene, which is reflective through the melodramatic yet playful music. YNES as a band was born after lockdown, where lead singer and guitarist Kira started to book gigs, enlisting her band, who are just hot off the heels of supporting Girli on her latest UK Headline tour. The Coventry hailing artist was the first to grace the stage, and despite being a warm-up act, she delivered an amazing set that the crowd loved. With melancholic lyrics paired with thumping drum beats and catchy guitar riffs, YNES’ set was one that showed the audience that the night had only just begun, with more compelling artists set to perform.

Accelerating the excitement of the night was the second band of the night, CARPARK. With Scottie on lead vocals and bass, accompanied by Hattie on guitar and Loda on drums. The band’s sound harks back to the ninety’s alterative scene, with grungy yet pop-rocky anthems that feel like they could be straight from an Avril Lavigne album. Despite Carpark being born out of lockdown, the band were not ones to let down. The band held an energy that almost made the crowd look on in awe, dancing and cheering to the music that was played. The band that has most recently supported the pop-princess Lauran Hibberd on her UK Headline tour, are known for delivering a fun set, something which they brought to the Never Known Live Music night.

Crashface, London’s alternative rock band, performing at Underground England’s Never Known Live Music Night at Colours, Hoxton.

Taking to the stage as the final live act before Girli’s DJ set, was the ferocious CRASHFACE. The London-based band are led by the Charlie Hinton on lead vocals and guitar, accompanied by Otto Balfour on bass. The band are making waves within the UK Alternative scene, as ones who want to redefine what punk is in the modern age. The second the set started it was clear that vocalist Charlie had an intense stage presence, almost owning the stage with the mannerisms and the performance that he was putting on, constantly moving about the stage. The same could be said for the rest of the band whose energy was truly electrifying. They delivered a loud and excitable performance, and it was only inevitable that the crowd started a mosh pit, dancing and moshing throughout the entire set. As the headliner for the gig, they delivered such a bombastic energy that the performance was a truly immense encapsulation of what the modern alternative scene has to offer.

After the live music had finished, the night turned to HOTDRIVE (the DJ duo of Girli and July Jones) who were ready to perform a sensational DJ set. Despite July Jones being unable to attend due to illness, Girli  put on an astounding DJ performance that managed to tear up the dancefloor. By this point the crowd were all dancing amongst themselves as they let the beats and the music flow through them, with a true ecstatic air that only HOTDRIVE could deliver.

As our second venture into the space of hosting a live gig, Never Known 007 was another leap forward from the previous gig night, with a host of talented performances, full of intense energy. Whether it was YNES’ Britpop-inspired indie punk, to Carpark’s playful 2000s inspired indie rock, Crashface’s intense performance, or Girli’s sensational DJ set. Stay tuned for news of the next Never Known Live Music Night.

Underground Soundwave presents an ongoing series of reports on emerging and established bands with close-up Q&As, new release reviews and gig reports with a special emphasis on supporting diversity in music, women in music, independent labels and venues and the local music scene.

Brought to you by Underground – the brand of the Original Allgender Creeper shoe and other British subculture styles.

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