Talk Show have gained a cult following, with their gritty vocals, thumping beats, and layered guitars. The band (consisting of Harrison Swann on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Thomas Holmes on lead guitar, bassist George Sullivan, and drummer Chloë Stacey MacGregor) use their brooding songs to comment on the state of political and social affairs within the UK.

Walking out to a crowd who silent in anticipation, Talk Show weren’t ones to let down: the evening started with the band warming up with ‘Trouble’ with Swann’s violent lyricism paired with an almost militaristic sound of harsh guitar rhythms and drumbeats. It wasn’t long until the whole crowd was jumping, bouncing, and dancing along with the band as they played both deep cuts of old music and selections from their debut EP ‘These People’. Swann’s charmingly boisterous act was something that took first-time listeners by surprise, with the lead singer bringing as much ferocious energy as he would to a full–sized venue to the 50-capacity store.