30 years ago in 1987, we curated our first Originals collection of authentic, rock ‘n’ roll inspired footwear which has since served-up fearless style to subcultures across the globe.In honour of this significant moment in the history of subculture and the lifetime of the Creeper shoe, we have teamed up with the visionary publisher and the co-founder of Dazed Media, Jefferson Hack.

A long-time ambassador of the Apollo shoe and cultural tastemaker, Jefferson has re-edited a limited edition collection of the Apollo Creeper.

Seven styles have been re-edited with subtle embellishments chosen by the original envoy of alternative culture and fringe fashion to the mainstream himself.

With key features still intact, such as the corrugated black sole; sharp toe distinctive of a ‘monk shoe’; interlace weaving and the buckle that separates the Apollo from the laces of the Barfly, Jefferson and our Design Team have skilfully re-edited the Apollo for 2017.

Subtle reworking lies in imaginative stitch details, interweaves and a signature model that includes the famed Underground Half-Moon punched onto the apron of the shoe.

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