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Which bands and musicians wear the Underground steel cap boot?

Lucia & The Best Boys band photo

(Photo: Neelam Khan Vela)

With the first Underground Steel Caps dating back to the 1980s and their formal presentation as part of the Originals Collection in 1987, the boots have become a consistent product line within the brand. By reinterpreting what was a workingman boot, Underground helped bring these into fashion, with the manipulation of silhouettes, materials, and colours.

The Steel Caps are a wardrobe staple due to the edge of a militaristic silhouette that was worn by both the punk, and grunge scene. With modern fashion taking many cues from previous subcultures, it is only natural that the steel cap has been picked up by many customers and personalities alike.

With Underground’s focus and inspiration from the music scene, musicians are amongst those to have the Underground Steel Cap within their wardrobe. Below are just some of the artists that have worn the Original Steel Caps on or off stage.


Girli & July Jones Photo by Brennan Bucannan
(Photo: Brennan Bucannan)

After featuring on her song, Girli and July Jones have become somewhat of an anti-pop duo. With the two playing a DJ set together at Reading Festival, where they both turned up in Underground Steel caps, the duo is going on to perform together at Inferno London. With similar subject matter in the songs of each artist, and July having helped co-write previous songs Girli songs, it is no wonder that the two artists have a powerful relationship.


Rina Sawayama Photo by Josh Wilks
(Photo: Josh Wilks)

The Japanese-British singer-songwriter Rina Sawayama is a phenomenon within the modern pop scene. Being known to push the limits of the definition of pop music, her extreme level of experimentation is something that has fuelled her breakthrough. With the fashion world noticing Sawayama, she has become a sensation that shows true individualism within her style.


(Photo: Frederick Wilkinson)

The rising alt-pop sensation Cassyette, is a star in the making. Despite her initial fame coming from TikTok, she is an artist who is not one to be labelled or boxed in. With her first live debut being received with overwhelming acclaim, she is one of the hottest artists within the alternative scene as of right now. Not only has she had warm reception in the world of music but has been picked up by the fashion world and styled in Underground Originals Steel Caps.


Yungblud Photo by Timo Kerber
(Photo: Timo Kerber)

The raucous, alt-pop superstar Yungblud, is known for being one of the most archetypical musicians of the modern alternative scene. With two commendable albums below his belt, he has become an inspiration for many. Whilst usually being known for wearing the Underground Original Creeper, whether on or off stage, Dom is one to have been worn the Underground Steel Cap.


Ashnikko Photo by Charlotte Rutherford
(Photo: Charlotte Rutherford)

Known to take no nuisance from anyone, Ashnikko is a force to be reckoned with. The female pop artist who fuses a mix of alt pop with hip-hop tendencies, is one to destroy the stereotype of femininity. Not only does she subvert the gaze but entirely dismantles the concept of female gender roles. With lyricism that is punk at heart, she carries the mantra of being fearless and authentic.



HMLTD Photo by Ben McQuaide
(Photo: Ben McQuaide)

The art-punk HMLTD are one of the bands who were at the forefront of the resurgence and popularity of post-punk within the modern indie scene. Known for their distinctive style and pushing the meaning of gendered fashion, having an allgender approach, HMLTD uses their flamboyancy to criticise toxic masculinity and the stereotypes that appear in conjunction with this.


The Vamps band Photo by Dean Sherwood
(Photo: Dean Sherwood)

Lead vocalist and guitarist of The Vamps, Bradley Will Simpson is perhaps the most identifiable of the band. Since the band’s inception, The Vamps have become one of the biggest modern boy bands in the UK, with Bradley sporting Underground Steel Caps whether it is on or off stage. Due to his personal style becoming more rock-inspired, it was an obvious choice by the lead singer to complete his fashioned looks.


(Photo: Roxy Lee)

A phenomenon within the modern pop music world, FKA Twigs is an artist who has not only become an idol but has become a sensation herself. She has gone from an independent artist to one of the most influential women in modern music at what seems like a breakneck speed. FKA Twigs has always been one to break the mould and be undeniably herself. Like her music, her personal style follows this pattern, having a boldness about it, at Underground we have been ones to support this.


Lucia & The Best Boys Photo by Neelam Khan Vela
(Photo: Neelam Khan Vela)

As the lead vocalist of Lucia and the best boys, Lucia Fairfull is the face of the band. Hailing from Glasgow, along with the likes of Walt Disco and The Ninth Wave, Lucia has become a figurehead of the Scottish indie scene. With Lucia having links to the fashion scene, her aesthetic is as fundamental as the music that the band creates, with Lucia wearing high-profile fashion names, Underground being one of these.


(Photo: Ben Stapleton)

As a young creative within London, Storm St Claire creates a dark anti-pop that compliments her powerful yet harmonious vocals. Being one to wear and even model for Underground, she is known to wear the 20 eyelet Gripper. With her individual style being one that is truly punk-minded, wearing DIY and unique pieces, Underground steel caps were a perfect choice for her, with the brand’s roots within the punk scene of the 70s.


(Photo: Meara Kallista)

Georgia Twinn, the Tik Tok personality turned pop star, uses her lyrics to convey her individual experiences. Being 18 years old, Twinn uses her pop anthems to act as a relatable voice of Gen Z with topics of love, empowerment and anxiety being touched on within her music. Her fashion reflects the dark pop that she creates, with Georgia having been styled in the Underground steel cap.



DROWND Photo by Claire Coulton
(Photo: Claire Coulton)

The industrial-inspired Drownd, led by Joe Crudgington, take inspiration heavily from the 90s/00s alternative metal scene, with it’s aggressive coalescence of rock and electronic music. With driving guitar riffs and distorted vocals, the aesthetic of the band is one that is reflective of the sound they create. Their latest music video ‘Sinner’ features the band wearing both Underground external and internal steel caps whilst a troop of dancers perform opposed to the band.

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Brought to you by Underground – the brand of the Original Allgender Creeper shoe and other British subculture styles.

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